Our family loves candles and we have always had a passion for them. We decided to start making them as a hobby but it turned into so much more. The hobby quickly turned into something the whole family got involved in. Stefaun learned how to make candles, learned about safety around heat and has learned more about science during this journey as have we. Making candles is an art and we love to create. Our vision is based on making scents that will create memories or spark old memories.

We are constantly coming up with new ideas, new scents and new products because we truly love what we do. In the early days, finding a name that was suitable was tricky. We finally decided on Southern Timeless Candles because we are here in the south, we hope our candles bring back or create timeless memories, and well... of course they are candles, lol. However, now we have expanded into more products but the meaning is still the same. A hidden message behind Southern Timeless Candles is that it stands for our initials. The "S" stands for Stefaun, the "T" stands for Tara, and the "C" stands for Charles. This company is built on true love and genuine care. Our ultimate goal is that our customers get to share the love and care that we create within all of our products! We truly appreciate each and every one of you!

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Hello, I am Stefaun, I give a lot of ideas for the company. I also help test them (with close supervision, of course). I am 12 years old and love candles. I like to help make our store look pretty and help make candles when I can. I also love to advertise the company EVERY chance I get, my teachers would agree lol.


I have always had a passion for candles. My dream is that this candle company will be my legacy I can leave for my family. I have a rare heart and lung disease called Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, which there currently is not a cure for but medicines to slow it down. I enjoy the time I have making candles with my family and getting all the reactions from the customers. When our candles bring back memories for customers, it's the best feeling in the world.


I guess you could say I am the muscle behind it all. I do most of the heavy lifting with supplies, ordering, set up for events and help with our store. I play a big part when it comes to naming the scents, I specialize in making the sprays (diffusers, room sprays, etc.). I love talking with customers and hearing their experiences with our products. When it comes to design I tend to let my wife and son take the lead on that although we do try to make all decisions jointly because it can't be STC without all of us!

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